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How to Prolong The Life of Your Laptop is known for giving good tech advice so when I came across a post on how to make your laptop last longer, I had to post some of the tips I learnt,

  1. Look after the hard drive. Get rid of files you don’t use and keep your device cool.
  2. Look after the battery. Monitor the temperature. Leave it charged in the middle when in storage.
  3. Keep it clean and well ventilated. Get rid of external dust and grime.

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Study Reveals Ad Blockers are Breaking The Internet...

computerAccording to a new study, ad blockers aren’t just blocking ads on the internet, they are actually breaking websites.

Websites belonging to British Airways and Vodafone have been affected by ad blockers, according to new research.

The UK’s 100 most popular websites were examined and researchers found that ad blockers weren’t just blocking pop-ups but actually accidentally corrupting useful parts of the websites themselves.

London ad-tech company Oriel examined 24 common ad blocked including Adblock, Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin on popular websites such as Vodafone, Ryanair, P&G and BA.


How The Internet of Things Works

Have you ever wondered what the Internet of Things (IOT) really mean? Well this informative video from IBM Think Academy explains what The Internet of Things is and how it works.

How The Internet of Things will Transform Domestic Life...

Here’s an interesting video which makes some predictions about how the intelligent home and the internet of things will transform our domestic lives in the future, taking into consideration how drastically our lives have already been impacted within the last few years alone.

But the question remains, what’s next? That’s what this video aims to answer.


Why You Need to Uninstall Quicktime a.s.a.p

computerQuicktime video player has been identified as having critical security flaws, so if you have this video player on your Windows PC you should uninstall it immediately.

You probably installed Quicktime from Apple while setting up iTunes but Apple is no longer updating the product and flaws have been identified which means you should remove it from your PC as soon as possible.

The flaws were found by researchers at Trend Micro.

While Apple would ordinarily push an update, the company is getting rid of Quicktime for Windows so there won’t be any more security updates. The only way to safeguard your device is by uninstalling it.

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