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Architects and Builders Turning to Robots

robotArchitects and builders are turning to robotic technology to realise more complex building designs.

An example is Bond University on the Gold Coast which is studying the use of sensors to guide machines around the similar types of cluttered environments that you would associate with construction sites.

As architects and designers’ quest for innovation  grows, it has resulted in some of the world’s leading architecture firms beginning to integrate prototyping tools, including robots, into their design process.

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Paid IPhone Apps You Could Get For Free

live-wallpapers-plusSo iPhone users are just ending off a pretty good week having had 4 consecutive days of paid iPhone and iPad apps for free.

The catch is the sale could end at any time, in fact it may already by over. But these are a few that may still be on sale. So if you click on a link and see a price, then obviously the sale is over.

  1. Faux Browser normally $9.99
  2. Live wallpaper plus normal price $0.99
  3. Rogue Saga normal price $0.99
  4. BrainWave Tuner normally $3.99
  5. Moodelicious normal price $0.99

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