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Google Working on Computer That Can be Injected into The Eye...

googleGoogle is developing a new computer that will be injected right into the human eye.

The company has already filed a patent for the new technology which they say will have several uses including improving eyesight.

According to Google the tiny computer would also have some storage in it and a radio.

Special antennae would power the tiny eye computer, which would be injected into the eye.

Many are concerned that the creation would allow people to take sneaky photos and videos due to minuscule cameras.


What You Need to Know in Australian Technology Today...


  1. Telstra is investing $50million into its networks.
  2. Australian users of Gumtree have become the victims of a hacker’s attack
  3. Atlassian identified as top tech pioneer in the Australian and New Zealand startup arena.
  4. Uber plans to be everywhere in your digital space.
  5. A cat collar has been created to translate cat meows into human speech.

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How to Prolong The Life of Your Laptop is known for giving good tech advice so when I came across a post on how to make your laptop last longer, I had to post some of the tips I learnt,

  1. Look after the hard drive. Get rid of files you don’t use and keep your device cool.
  2. Look after the battery. Monitor the temperature. Leave it charged in the middle when in storage.
  3. Keep it clean and well ventilated. Get rid of external dust and grime.

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Study Reveals Ad Blockers are Breaking The Internet...

computerAccording to a new study, ad blockers aren’t just blocking ads on the internet, they are actually breaking websites.

Websites belonging to British Airways and Vodafone have been affected by ad blockers, according to new research.

The UK’s 100 most popular websites were examined and researchers found that ad blockers weren’t just blocking pop-ups but actually accidentally corrupting useful parts of the websites themselves.

London ad-tech company Oriel examined 24 common ad blocked including Adblock, Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin on popular websites such as Vodafone, Ryanair, P&G and BA.


Australia Post Trials Drones for Mail Delivery

0_0_480_1_70_-News-australia post droneOnline shoppers could be getting their parcels a lot quicker if a trial drone testing for delivery by Australia Post is a success.

Australia Post is now testing how it can deliver small parcels to its online shopping customers by remotely piloted aircraft.

Australia Post launched closed-field trials of drones recently to develop a method of sending out small parcels safely and securely. This method would result in faster delivery, especially to residences.

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