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Sydney to Trial Bank Card Tapping

opalThe NSW government has planned trials of bank card payments via card tapping on the state’s public transport network in 2017. The development means commuters will be able to tap on and off services with a credit or debit card.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance announced the trial at the Future Transport Summit in Sydney recently.

London’s Oyster card system finalised their rollout of a similar system in late 2014.

The minister reminded us that a lot of work still needs to be done in the first stage of the project such as finalising partnerships, working with the finance and contactless payments sector. Software needs to be develop and a customer trial would also need to be conducted.

Queensland is another state also looking at its own Go Card e-ticketing system.

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What Was Behind Telstra’s Network Outages?


In a bid to reclaim customer trust, executives have opened up about what caused the 3 outages that Telstra users had to deal with over a period of 2 months.

The largest Telco in the country, offered their customers 2 free days of data to make up for the 3 outages that happened since the start of this year.

Customers took advantage of the latest free data day overloading the network to download 2686TB in the 24 hour period – this was a 46 per cent increase compared to the free data day in February.

The company execs said the company was doing everything it could to ensure these outages are a thing of the past, one of which was caused by “human error”.

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FBI Promises to Share iPhone Unlock with Authorities...

phonesThe (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation has promised to help unlock mobile devices such as iPhones as soon as it is permitted by law and policy.

The FBI said in a letter to local law enforcement agencies about the challenges being faced by authorities in monitoring suspects who use encrypted mobile devices.

The FBI says it will consider any tool that may be helpful to other agencies.

There’s been an ongoing legal battle between the Apple and the FBI, with the court ruling in favour of Apple recently.

The authorities wanted Apple to write new software to get into the iPhone secured by encryption to access data from suspect’s phones.

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You Should Stop Closing Your Apps If You Want to Preserve Your Battery Life...

phonesWhile most of us think that closing the apps running in the background will preserve battery life, it turns out it wont.

In fact in both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS software, apps are paused in the device memory allowing them to be opened fast. Closing the app just removes it from the memory and it will have to re-launch from scratch. This for most apps can actually take more battery power than just leaving it opened, on pause.

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Nintendos First Smartphone App Gets Record Number of Users in First 3 Days...

nintendoMiitomo, the first smartphone app from Nintendo got over 100 million users in the first 3 days, according to a tweet from the Miitomo Twitter account.

The app is topping iOS charts in Japan at the moment despite the gaming company’s first app being a messaging app instead of a gaming app as everyone was hoping.

The cool part about the app is that users get to design their own avatar, called Mii which is based on their own image.

The app is currently free but will allow users to buy accessories for their avatar.

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